Smoking cigarettes is an unhealthy habit that can lead to a whole host of health concerns which is why many people are choosing to quit and lead a healthier lifestyle. Whether you have been smoking for a few months or a number of years, the process of quitting can be very overwhelming and difficult. There are a variety of products and therapies that can be used to try and kick the habit but some have been found to be more helpful than others. For example, nicotine patches, medication and even hypnosis have been prescribed for nicotine addiction for many years but their effectiveness has always been in question. With the rise in electronic cigarettes, people are actually opting to use these products as a way to cut down on their regular cigarette usage in hopes of quitting all together.

A group of British researchers actually performed a study recently that took a close look at the use of electronic cigarettes and eliquid versus other methods of quitting. It was found that people who utilized electronic cigarettes during the process of quitting were sixty percent more likely to succeed with the quitting process compared to things like patches or gum. Basically, e-cigarettes contain nicotine in their products but there is no tobacco smoke involved. This cuts down on the amount of cravings a person has as well as withdrawal symptoms which can often make people turn back to smoking in order to curb their cravings. From there, the amount of times a person will smoke during the day can be cut back dramatically and eventually the ideal situation involves stopping smoking all together whether it be cigarettes or electronic cigarettes.

When e-cigarettes first came out they simply were a somewhat healthier and simpler approach to smoking. They were never intended to be a tool for quitting smoking but as more and more people turned to e-cigarettes they found they were able to cut down on their smoking habits easier. When it comes to toxicity, cigarettes are more lethal and cause higher levels of cancer. E-cigarettes are toxic as well but they are indeed safer with less harmful chemicals and by products. Ideally, if you are trying to quit smoking you should do so completely rather than by taking up another habit. However, for people who have struggled to quit smoking many times in their lifetime, this can make a big difference in their overall success level.

Currently, many medical professionals as well as the American Lung Association voices their concern for using a non-FDA approved smoking cessation concept. However, many people have found success with the use of e-cigarettes. The FDA is just now working on regulations regarding e-cigarettes and ejuice. The scope of this process is to place e-cigarettes in the same category as traditional cigarettes. At this point the decision comes down to the adult smoker and what they want to utilize as a way to quit smoking.