The 360 Brush is one of the hottest hair products on the market right now, so it seemed time to try it out and determine whether the product lived up to all of its hype. There are several different varieties of the 360 Brush so today we’ll just examine a few of the stand-out products.

Curved 360 Waves Brush Torino Pro #450

This brush is extremely popular and truly makes a statement as a well-made 360 wave brush. It is classy in its appearance with a shiny paint job, an easy to grip structure, and extra-long medium bristles. The bristles are made from a combination of nylon plus reinforced boar. This specific brush is considered one of the best if you are starting a wolf. It will separate and pull each hair individually as you brush and help form nice, curved waves with each stroke. The way that it brings the hair together makes creating a swirl style come together easily.

The brush will not scratch your scalp or cause damage to your hair. In fact, if you follow instructions for healthy hair care and use this high-end, high quality brush, your hair should be naturally following the curling patterns you create for it through your routines in no time.

360 Waves Brush

While this wave brush is not made for long hair, it will do a great job on the range from a fresh cut to wolfing. The longer bristles of the brush make it perfect for pulling waves and for drawing out the natural hair oils. The quality of the bristles is so high, in fact, that the brush promises they will not lean and they will create faster progress. Additionally, the design of the brush plus the high quality bristles combine to create a product which minimizes breakage, hair loss, and frizz, all while adding volume.

Kingston Grooming 100% Boar Brush

With a starting price slightly lower than the other two options featured, but still fantastic reviews, the Kingston Grooming brush with 100% boar is a great choice for waves. This brush is known for being particularly useful in applying an array of products to your hair or beard. The brush distributes the product evenly for a polished look.

The brush is a handheld model featuring a solid beechwood with heavily reinforced bristles to help avoid the irritation of bristle loss. It has a medium bristle stiffness, but 100 percent boar adds a bit more softness, so this particular model is perhaps not the first choice for exceptionally course hair.