Throughout the years there has been many alternatives for epilepsy treatments, although these are not a replacement for normal treatment and medication. Alternative treatments can help relieve the convulsions without having the side effects of the anti-epileptic drug that you may be taking. One type of alternative that seems to becoming more common is natural remedies. At any age someone can become diagnosed with epilepsy and it’s most often between the ages of 20 and after the age of 60. Anything that disturbs the natural neurons in the brain can lead to seizures such as an illness to damage to the brain from an injury or abnormal brain damage. These treatments can assist in helping them to calm down and/or not have many attacks. These include, but not all included:


  • Biofeedback
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Melatonin
  • CBD drops

This is a treatment that people are trained to improve their health by using information and any signals from their body. For epilepsy a form of biofeedback which is also known as neurofeedback may be used to show patients how to consciously control their brain activity and by doing that it can help avoid seizures. This type of treatment may require many sessions of biofeedback to learn and it’s not likely to control seizures completely. It does reduce seizures in some people.


There is an increasing number of individuals that are finding acupuncture to help them control their seizures better. An individual may require many sessions of such treatment to see any noticeable change in controlling their seizures. Acupuncture isn’t always the best option for every one and if children are suffering from epilepsy then this option may not be suitable for them.

Yoga & Meditation

A self-relieving mental exercise to improve the physical and the behavioral factors. There is no claim that yoga or meditation will cure seizures but it can help reduce the effects if done regularly. Stress, anxiety, flickering lights, etc. can cause an epileptic attack and with doing yoga it’ll help the imbalance in one’s life become more balanced for them which then will help relax the mind and easing the attacks.


A natural hormone that is helped to regulate the biological clock and sleep. It’s said that people with epilepsy have lower melatonin levels than average. This may be the cause of the reasoning that the seizures occur. Not everyone can take melatonin and should consult their doctor before taking any. It’s mixed when people take this medicine as some have noticed increased seizures whereas others have seen less.

Not all alternative treatments for epilepsy will work and should still continue to the necessary medication prescribed.