Having regular medical checkups or as the swedes like to say “hälsoundersökning“,  is not something that everybody does. Those that do, however, often have better health than those that do not. Here are just five reasons why.


Illnesses are caught in the early stages — By having regular medical checkups, your doctor can often catch illnesses that are just in the early stages. These can include diabetes, heart problems, cancer and even signs of major infections.

This is one of the most important reasons why you should have regular medical checkups. After all, a problem caught early can be treated much easier than one caught too late.


Preventing the spread of STDs — Many STDs do not have outward symptoms. At least not in the early stages of the disease.

Getting regular medical checkups, however, can help prove you have an STD. Doctors can then prescribe treatment that will cure it before it becomes too aggressive.


Reducing healthcare costs — As the cost of healthcare in the U.S. climbs every year, it makes sense to do everything you can to minimize your own costs.

Getting regular medical checkups can do this as diseases and illnesses caught early are much cheaper to treat than they are if caught later on.


Depression and stress — Many people suffer from depression or stress without even knowing they do. A doctor can diagnose both of these issues and then prescribe a treatment for them, including sending you to a counselor or a psychiatrist.


Eye care is important as you age — Your eyes will begin to change as you age, with conditions like cataracts beginning to occur more frequently.

This is why it is important to have your eyes checked at least once a year as these types of conditions can often be taken care of quickly when discovered.