Introduction to PhenQ


This supplement is one of the longest-running on the Internet when it comes to losing weight. It goes back to at least 2012. The fact that the supplement has beaten out much of the competition over the course of almost 10 years says a lot about PhenQ’s longevity all by itself. Weight loss supplements are as common as grains of sand, and they come and go a lot. PhenQ, however, has stuck around so there must be some reason. According to some statistics, there are hundreds of thousands of users of the product around. So if you were wondering does phenq actually work or its scam, we’re here to give you the details.


PhenQ Weight loss Process Thermogenesis


PhenQ focuses on handling 5 different reasons why people have trouble losing weight. For starters, PhenQ focuses on a process called thermogenesis. This is the process of expanding energy. This process is when your body uses the resources it has to create energy. One of those resources is fat. People try many different ways of converting fat to energy, including intense exercise, for example. However, not everyone can do this, so PhenQ uses ingredients to increase this heat expenditure so you burn fat.


Fat Production Prevention


Another reason people have which prevents them from losing weight is that they keep creating more fat. Your body makes fat so readily that it’s easy to gain the weight back as soon as you lose it. This is one of the reasons for yoyo diets. PhenQ has ingredients to help block the production of adipose tissue. This is combined with thermogenesis to make it less likely that you’ll gain the weight back right away after you’ve burned it off.


Appetite Control


Another way that PhenQ allows you to lose weight is through its ability to help you decrease your appetite a bit. People who lose weight tend to have a drop in energy. If you burn more calories than you produce, your body will start burning fat, but it will also decrease your energy to encourage you to eat more as part of its natural process of maintaining your weight. By using certain ingredients, PhenQ can help to level off your energy so that you don’t just regain any lost weight.


Mood Enhancer


As part of this, PhenQ can also make it so that your mood goes up instead of falling into anxiety by helping to increase serotonin and dopamine levels. These can be affected by exercising In other words, by helping to level off mood, which can change dramatically during a weight loss regimen, it becomes much easier to stick to whatever you trying to accomplish.


This is why people like PhenQ, it addresses many of the blocks that get in the way of losing weight to make the whole process easier.