To intensify their workout regime, some people slot in the Pilates exercises. They aim to increase the challenge in your workout program, meaning that with all the extra work you will put in, you are likely to attain fitness levels much faster.

To get prime results from your workout routine, you should be conversant with the Pilates machine and how it works. Knowing your way around with the tool will also help you to prevent workout-related injuries. Every part of a Pilate’s machine has its intended purpose.

Springs- the springs are coloured depending on the intensity of resistance and stability. The yellow springs have the least resistance. The blue-coloured have light resistance. If they are red, it means they standard resistance while the green springs are massive resistance. Learn to tune your body’s response every time you use the springs so you can be able to decide on the most effective springs for you.

The straps

The straps come in two sets, short and long. They both have loops at the end, which your shoulder rests. The short set is used to produce more considerable tension, for instance, when you are working the lower body. The long straps are fixed to the carriage and are used for the customary Pilates routines. These routines tend to concentrate on balance and stability as one uses the carriage. Just like the springs, these straps also offer tension. As you place your feet in the straps, lie down and position your head between the shoulder blocks. Then, reach out your hand and remove the loops from the block. Slowly bend the knees and place each loop around your feet.

The foot bar.

You must change your foot bar up or down when you are working out. You do this based on the length of your torso and leg. Lie down on your back and make sure that your legs are 90 degrees at the knee. Place your shoulders against the machine’s shoulder rest. If you want to move the bar up and down, hold and lift. To prevent it from locking on one side, make sure to hold on each side before lifting.

The jump board

In case you need to intensify your regime, you can replace the foot bar with a jump board. The board is padded so that it allows you to run, jump, and do hopping exercises without stressing your joints.

The Tower

You will find that most workout studios have the tower. This tower is a vertical unit that utilizes different attachments to provide a full-body workout. Depending on what you need to work out, some studios will have over 30 components for the tower to provide you with the extra challenge you seek.