What Is The Difference Between PG and VG?

The two fluids that make up e-liquid are PG and VG. One noticeable difference between these two liquids is the sensations they create to e-cig users. PG stands for Propylene Glycol and it is petroleum by product. Many e-cig users describe PG and offering a sensation similar to that of smoking a real cigarette. PG also will hold the flavor of the e-liquid far better than VG. Because of this, PG is the most used suspension fluid for e-cig users. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin and it is derived from vegetable oil. Due to it being a vegan friendly product, this is what most vegetarians will steer towards. Those who use VG say it has a thicker sensation, this is due to the liquid being thicker than that of PG. It is a sweeter liquid and creates a smoother vaping experience. Whether you use PG or VG it should be noted that it is making up anywhere from 85%-95% of each bottle of e-liquid. The other 15%-5% is comprised of the e-liquid flavor.

Is There A Difference Between Regular and Premium E-liquid?

There are literally dozens of e-liquid providers throughout the US, Italy and China. The costs of e-liquid can range from as low as ten dollars and as high as thirty dollars. Why can some retailers sell for more than others? Is there actually a distinct difference in quality for the flavors in e-liquid? Considering that 85% to 95% of each bottle is comprised of PG or VG we need to explore the flavor a bit more. Many popular flavoring companies in the United States order in bulk. While it is argued that Chinese made e-liquid has safety concerns, well known venders in the US do not reveal exactly what is comprised in their flavoring. Some of the pricier e-liquids that are made by high end e-liquid providers are not mass produced. These are custom blended flavors and extremely difficult to replicate. This individuality makes them considered a premium e-liquid due to their uniqueness. Another factor that can contribute to the price and quality of e-liquid is the packaging. It is argued that plastic bottles can taint the flavor a bit while class is more costly but provides a better tasting e-liquid. Unique flavors paired with glass packaging produces a premium e-liquid that comes with a premium price point.

What Are Some Of The Top E-Liquid Brands Available?

When trying different e-liquids you will notice distinct difference in flavors, experience and price. Some of the top brands and flavors available are V2 Platinum E-liquids. V2 features flavors such as cherry, tobacco, mojito and green tea. E-juice, like the Halo E-juice has a few popular flavors such as Purity and Tribeca. Halo also offers flavor variety packs. Cosmic Fog vape juices come in a large variety of fruit flavors and some specialty flavors like milk and honey, fresh cream and salted caramel. E-cig users have many flavor options available to enhance their individual vaping experience.

Types & Flavors: