Many people view cancer as an incurable disease that takes over the body and destroys whomever it touches. For those that see it this way, hospital stays and medical appointments are more than likely a regular thing. There are, however, alternatives to these methods. Cancer can be treated in your kitchen, and with the supervision of a holistic medical professional. There are in fact, many alternatives, and most of them are not invasive while promoting better health. By reworking the patient’s lifestyle, cancer becomes a thing of the past.

The most effective and natural cancer remedies have evolved into perfect antidotes over the past century. Gerson Therapy was originated by Dr. Max Gerson who focused on a treatment that would allow the body to heal itself. His method involves eating plant-based foods, drinking raw juices, detoxifying with coffee enemas, consuming beef liver and taking natural supplements. The therapy has no adverse side effects so attempting the treatment will require no risk. It boosts the body’s immune system and not only works to heal cancer but also arthritis, heart disease and other degenerative illnesses. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are abundant within the Gerson diet. Organic fruits and vegetables as well as consuming raw beef liver will provide the body with the most nutrient dense food that is exceptionally high in vitamin B12. Dr. Gerson also suggests coffee enemas to increase the parasympathetic nervous system and keep the body free of toxins.

Dr. Johanna Budwig served as the German Government’s Senior Expert in 1952, during her study she found certain nutrients were killing the membranes of cells causing disease and toxicity. The Budwig diet is used to prevent cancer-causing cells. The food works to replace harmfully treated fats and oils with unsaturated and saturated fatty acids so that cells can be strengthened and rebuild. The diet consists of mainly cottage cheese and flaxseeds. These foods contain high amounts of proteins made up of iron-sulfur and saturated fats as well as electron-rich fatty acids; in other words, they are not junk. When these ingredients mix, they allow the body to absorb these essential nutrients easier and more quickly.

Vitamin C chelation therapy seems to be a straightforward remedy considering most people are drawn towards the supplement when they are sick, but this treatment is beneficial and notably antioxidant. The therapy utilizes chemicals and natural compounds to get rid of poisonous metals. It is not necessarily an approved therapy, but when medical professionals use it, it is appropriated to remove calcium deposits from the arteries. Chelation is found to be highly pro-oxidant and provides long-term antioxidant effects. Pro-oxidation has been found to destroy tumor cells, and consuming foods rich in vitamin C has been linked to preventing and fighting cancer.

Last but not least, CBD vape juice is reportedly a possible alternative to treating cancer, but it is still pending further study.

These remedies along with many others work to remove toxins from the body. Treating cancer in a medical environment does the same thing, but also weakens the patient to the point where they can barely survive. Alternative medicine wants to heal people but does so in a way that prioritizes and sustains life.