Nursing Home Vs. Real Homes- Which Is Better?

In the past few decades, home senior care services (e.g. european caregivers) have taken the health care industry by storm. This is more than likely due to the fact that many people have been turned off by senior nursing homes. Many of the most shocking stories in health care last decade took place in a nursing home, and the attention was not good.

We are not here to say that all nursing homes are bad. In fact, there are many dedicated doctors, nurses, and aides that love their job and work hard to take care of their patients. However, studies have all agreed that home senior care is the better choice. Here are 3 reasons why.

One On One Care

The problem that most people face with nursing homes is that their are usually too many patients for each health care professional. In some more crowded nursing homes, many professionals can each have upwards of 20 patients to take care of daily. This is usually due to the fact that many nursing home operators are greedy so more patients equal more money.

With home care, the nurse or aide only has one patient to take care of which means that they can customize their care approach to that patient. For example, a patient with Dementia may need more memory functioning skills performed to help them get the best care possible. This is not always possible when in a nursing home.


Live Longer

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that senors that stay at home generally live longer and have more meaningful lives when they are at home. While some situations cause for someone to move into a nursing home, it should be a last resort option.

So why do home care patients live longer? Well, studies have shown that patients heal and feel more comfortable at home than in an unfamiliar setting. What is even better is that while at home, patients often see their family and other loved ones more, which leads to better moods. Another reason is that being at home gives them more motivation to move around and complete therapy, which helps extends the quality of life.


Less Expensive

Although it may not seem like it, home senior care is actually less expensive than going to a nursing home. Why is that?

When someone goes to a nursing home, they are paying for housing, food, treatment, and other amenities such as laundry to the company. This can add up, and in many cases insurance is not willing to pay for such a high cost.

With home care, all you pay for most is cost of having health care professionals. In many cases, this can be covered partially or in full by the insurance company. There is no need to pay extra for food, housing, and other amenities with this because it is already there for the patient.

Which choice you decide is ultimately up to you and your family, but we hope this article has given you something to think about.