Taking care of dental implants is easy with these quick tips

Once you have had dental implants installed in your mouth, chances are you are a little worried about how to clean them. After all, surely taking care of dental implants is more complicated than taking care of your natural teeth?

In actual fact, it is not. There are a few things that are a little different but, overall, taking care of your dental implants is just as easy as taking care of your teeth.

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Proper daily cleaning — A typical dental implant will last between 20 and 25 years before it needs to be removed and replaced. That is it will if you take care of it and clean it properly.


Correct daily cleaning of dental implants generally means brushing them two to three times a day, and flossing around them carefully. If you use a dental floss made especially for implants, there will be less chance of it ever getting caught or of it loosening your implant.


Take special care cleaning your teeth, and your implants could be with you for several decades.


Avoid sugar — Reduce your sugar intake and avoid it as much as you can. Sugar damages your dental implants just as it does your natural teeth. Especially if you do not clean your teeth after eating it.


Cut down on sugar, brush your teeth if you do consume it, and the chances your teeth and gums will be inundated with plaque will be far less.


A soft toothbrush is best — It is generally better to use a very soft toothbrush on your dental implants than it is to use a hard one.


Soft toothbrushes do just as good of a job as a harder brush does, but they are less likely to scratch your implants and far less likely to irritate your gums. Irritated gums can also cause problems with implants, so do everything you can to avoid this.


Even when using a soft toothbrush, though, be sure to clean your implants correctly. That means not only brushing the tops and fronts, but also brushing the backs of them very carefully.


See your dentist every six months — A regular check up is very important when you have dental implants in your mouth. Not only because it prevents plaque from building up if you have them cleaned, but also as it allows your dentist to check your implants.


Sometimes, gums can become irritated or implants can become loose. This is the time when a dentist needs to check your dental health the most.


Even minor problems can continue to worsen until you may eventually have to have the implant removed. Seeing your dentist before this happens can sometimes prevent it from happening at all.


Water flossing — If you really want to make sure your implants are kept clean, invest in a water flosser.


The pressure of the water against your teeth can clean them exceptionally well. Yet, without any harsh brush bristles, it is far less likely to cause any damage.