Across the nation, individuals old and young are flocking to the new trend of trying out CBD (Cannabidiol) consumables, because let’s face it, the advantages of its use have been proven to be overwhelmingly beneficial. Consumables have hit the market in a variety of ways, including drinks, gummies, capsules, edibles and tinctures- and the product list just keeps growing. If you are considering jumping on the bandwagon, but are unsure if CBD is right for you, here are some of the best health benefits proven to help consumers so far.

But first, check out this awesome youtube video on the difference between THC and CBD:

Now that we know how CBD oil is different from THC, we can dive into the benefits of CBD.

Short-Term Physical Health

CBD consumables provide a number of short term health benefits if consumed. Individuals who suffer from digestive issues, including lack of appetite and nausea, by providing almost immediate and temporary relief. Those who suffer from pain, bacterial infections, muscle spasms, skin irritations, and withdrawal symptoms from addiction have also found relief from consistent use of CBD oil. Basically, it isn’t a matter of how much you take, but how regularly you take it. As an addition to your diet, it can provide some preventive and treatment alternatives to contemporary medicines.


Long-Term Physical Health

Those who make CBD part of their long-term strategy for good health have found it to be beneficial in a variety of ways. Studies have shown that it can reduce blood sugar, assisting in the treatment of diabetes. It has also been shown to reduce chronic and terminal disease such as the growth of cancer cells and the reduction of arterial blockages, which is why it has become popular amongst older individuals. Because it is derived as a plant based substance, the side effects of CBD are greatly fewer than those of pharmaceuticals, which makes their long-term consumption appear to be safer and more effective. Btw, some people also use cbd for their dogs and cats etc., see CBD pets. As you can see the physical benefits are quite obvious.


Mental Health

Along with benefits to physical health, CBD has been used as a key component in neurological and mental health treatment. One of the more common uses is for anxiety, and relief is almost immediate after consumption. Long-term use has been used as an antipsychotic and an anti-seizure medication, which many of these medications have off label uses to treat mental health diagnoses for Bipolar Disorders. CBD has also been studied as a neuro-protective, which in the future, may help with the treatment of Alzheimer ’s disease and other neurological disorders. The more the benefits can be studied and weighed and used as a treatment alternative, the more CBD can be used by those who suffer with mental and neurological ailments.


The non-addictive component of CBD is one of the reasons why many individuals have chosen these consumables over narcotic or pharmaceutical counterparts. CBD is becoming more available on the market to consumers, and more health benefits are being discovered every day for its uses. Whether it is for short-term relief, such as pain or nausea, or long-term prevention CBD is an over-the-counter alternative, which is growing in popularity. The mental health and neurological benefits have also proven to be effective, and the more the demand rises for the product, the more long-term results of the benefits can be reported. This miracle consumable has just barely crossed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of its potency.