If you are considering paying for a weight loss program, you are probably looking at the two biggest programs — Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem.

Before you choose one over the other, however, you will want to know what the differences are with eachprogram and what program is likely to be the best for you.


The cost — You can begin your comparison of Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem by looking at the cost, as this can often be an easy way to choose one over the other.

This is because the cost of Jenny Craig is usually quite a bit higher than the cost of Nutrisystem. Many people who have used both programs report spending more than double on Jenny Craig compared to Nutrisystem.

This is generally due to more expensive prepated meals, plus Jenny Craig also implementing a registration fee and a monthly program fee.


The food — Many dieticians agree, when it comes to the quality of the food, Jenny Craig generally comes out ahead of Nutrisystem.

Both programs provide prepared meals and snacks but, where Jenny Craig’s are made from healthy ingredients, Nutrisystem’s includes a lot of things like ice cream, cookies and cakes.

While these may be low fat, as they are often loaded with sugar they add calories to a weight loss program that are not needed.


Weight loss — A number of studies have shown participants in Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem tend to lose more weight over the same period of time.

People on a Jenny Craig diet lost several pounds a month more than those on a Nutrisystem diet. They also managed to keep it off longer.

Participants whose weight loss journey was tracked after they stopped using either Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem were also found to have more benefits to their health due to the weight loss.

These benefits included things like better cardiac health, a reduction in diabetes symtoms and fewer arthritis and rheumatism flare ups.


Remote counseling — If you want to get counseling while you are on a diet, but cannot get to a Jenny Craig authorized therapist, you can talk to remote therapist from the Nutrisystem program via Skype.

This makes the Nutrisystem program far more convenient for anyone that has a busy life.


The best diet for diabetics — According to several medical studies carried out on the program, Jenny Craig also did better for people who have diabetes.

Those followed had fewer diabetes symptoms and even the ones they had were less severe. They also had much lower levels of sugar in their blood.

Both programs do offer ready-made-meals and snacks, and both do help their participants achieve substantial weight loss if followed correctly. In many cases then, the decision of Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem often comes down to the food they offer their members.