There are so many different types of gym equipment that are available in today’s fitness centers that can seem almost impossible to name them all. One of the most misunderstood pieces of gym equipment that currently exists is known as the Smith machine. It has received much ridicule and derision from powerlifters over the years, but as things have developed in the research sector of the fitness industry these comments have been made to seem untimely. At Smith machine will look at first glance similar to a squat rack. The only major difference is that in a squat rack the bar is freestanding while in a Smith machine the bar is mounted onto a pair of rails that do not allow it to move from its track. While this does take away from the amounts of training that your core and stabilizing muscles receive during your training sessions this can have a hidden benefit to users that are concerned about the stability of their core.

 Why You Should Be Using A Smith Machine In Your Training Regimen

There are a ton of reasons why the Smith machine can really help to revolutionize your entire training regimen without necessarily adding too much difficulty to the overall program. While it is true that as a beginner you should probably focus on using freestanding weights so that you can develop proper technique and form during your exercises a Smith machine will allow the advanced user a ton of variety that can help to break through challenging plateaus during the development of your muscles. You will be able to add more weight to your squats by using a Smith machine because you will not be limited by the amount of weight that your core is able to stably support due to the fact that the Smith machine itself will take care of much of the needed support during the exercise. You can also train your chest muscles using a Smith machine by turning it into a bench press. All you need in order to do this is a bench that you can lie flat on. Place the bench up underneath the machine and make sure that the bar is at a height where you will be able to grab it if you are laying on your back on the bench looking up at the bar. From here you will go about using the machine similar to how you would use a regular bench press. You should be able to add more overall weight due to the fact that your stabilizing muscles will not need to be engaged nearly as heavily during the exercise. This can help to speed up the overall development of new muscle due to the increased level of resistance that they are encountering.