What is Online Personal Training?

Online personal training is exactly how it sounds. With an online personal trainer you will exercise from the comfort of your home, and you may meet with your trainer through Skype, a Facebook group, email or through an online platform like Trainerize. If you are focused on weight loss or just need to stay fit but don’t want to trek to the gym every day an online personal trainer may be the right fit for your lifestyle. There are many advantages to hiring the best online personal trainer. The top three advantages are price, schedule availability, and customized workout plans.

Does Online Personal Training Work?

Online personal training can absolutely work to achieve your fitness goals. However, this depends on several factors: the trainer’s experience, your commitment to the program, workout personality, your previous exposure and experience to exercise and proper form. Choose an educated and certified trainer with experience in training others and with experience in online training, you will get good results. Your commitment to the customized program created by your personal trainer will also determine if you reach your goals. Another factor that can greatly affect if you reach your fitness goals is your previous exposure to exercise and knowledge of proper form when doing certain exercises. Some online trainers may not be able to teach a client proper form, and clients who are aware of proper form already will benefit the most from an online personal trainer.

Online Personal Training Vs. Face to Face Training

How much are you willing to pay? It can be cheaper to pay for an eight or ten-week online training program instead of paying for personal training sessions. The average trainer will typically charge anywhere from $80 and up for one session of personal training. An online personal trainer may meet with you via an app like Skype or Trainerize to discuss your health, fitness, and overall fitness goals and then design a workout program that will last for a couple of weeks. Client’s will have to commit to doing the exercises as they are written in the workout program. This is why an online personal training package is significantly cheaper than live training sessions. Some trainers may include weekly Skype meeting or add videos of how to correctly perform exercises, and there may be some free or paid fitness challenges involved. The services added in the workout program will depend on the online personal trainer that you choose.

Should You Hire an Online Personal Trainer?

If you have a busy life and it is hard to schedule a personal training session at your local gym or if you prefer to workout by yourself in the comfort of your own home then hiring an online personal trainer might be best for you. An online personal trainer package might be attractive for savvy and budget minded people who want to get fit and don’t want to spend a lot of money for a private personal trainer at their local gym.